About US

Our founder, Khalil Sultan, was just like the rest of us. He was upset that Apple had took away his headphone jack, and his ability to charge his phone while still being able to privately listen to his soaps. He was also upset that to make up for it they gave him a flimsy dongle piece as an adapter, and that it was actually called a "Dongle". So he decided to form a company that asks the question, "Why plug?"

"Say Goodbye to breaking your headphones at the gym. Say goodbye to dealing with wire shortages, and untangling wires out of your pocket. Say goodbye to having to choose whether to charge your phone or listen to Gucci Mane. They may have taken away your headphone jack, but they don't have to take all your cash too!"  (Our first promotion/mission statement; didn't work too well)

Branded in 2018 in Atlanta Georgia, WhyPlug offers state of the art bluetooth and wireless earphones that rid the annoyances of wire tangles/shortages, inability to use with newer mobile devices, water damage, etc. As of late last year, we have expanded beyond just earpieces, and are now offering all things wireless. Which will be for specific or broad needs; they will always stil be something that makes your day a little easier. =D

WhyPlug is a fully online operated system, which grants us much more of an advantage to offer the best values to our users. We communicate directly with our warehouse suppliers every time an order is placed. Which allows sure security and satisfaction due to the fact every order is personally prepared for you.  The World is changing! Most of the conventional functions dealing with a physical store and inventory are now unnecessary, due to our ability to connect with our customers the only way people connect nowadays... mobile devices! 

Operating solely online doesn't just save us money either, but allows us to cut costs far below the ubiquitous prices. We strive to offer the most desirable deals to our users; headphones may have gotten more advance, but they shouldn't cost more than what i'm getting paid to write this. Feel free to contact through our direct messaging tool at the bottom of the screen; or when were away send a quick email and we'll get back to you with 6 - 24 hours. Oh, by the way all of our products are pre-used. 


P.S. We also like to tell some bad jokes here and there! =D 


About Us