Linda Hand Program

We are proud to bring to the world a new foundation to life, that will give us the opportunity to give back to the customers and community that are the only reason we are able to operate. 

The Linda Hand Program will be a monthly promotion that will work as a fundraiser which 40% of profits will go to a charity of you guys choosing (we hope to increase this margin in the future)! We will have a limited amount of items for purchase for free or a substantial discount, customers will just pay shipping. This will fund the donations we will give to a trusted organizations every month! We will also send emails to all those who participated in the promotion to thank you, and let you know how much you've helped raised! With last years success, and this years high expectations, w'ere hoping to raise over $10,000 in charitable donations for this month's event! We can only say those numbers because of the great contributions you guys have given in the past! Keep up the love guys! =D

The World isn't in the best place right now, its never been a greater time for us to lift each other up!  We would love to benefit the causes that you guys care about and want to see improvement for.


You do not have to buy any of the I Hear U products to have your charity considered. 

"We may feel as though what we do is merely just a drop of the ocean, but without that drop, the ocean would be less." -Mother Teresa